What are features of democracy any 3?

1) Democracy assures equality in every spheres of life like political, social and economic. 2) It upholds basic individual rights and liberties such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression etc. 3) Accommodates all sorts of social diversities and divisions.

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What is the main feature of democracy?

Democracy is a system of government in which the people elect the rulers, who then have the final say in all policy decisions. Democracy must be based on free and fair elections, in which the incumbents have a reasonable chance of losing.

What are 5 characteristics of democracy?

The Characteristics of democracy are listed below:

  • an elected official.
  • liberties in society.
  • unbiased judicial system.
  • opposition group with structure.
  • law and order.
  • In a democracy, citizens not only have a right but also a duty to participate in the political process.

What are the features of a good democracy?
Here are the features of Democracy in points:

  • Free, transparent, and regular elections.
  • Minority representation
  • abide by the Constitutions laws.
  • Freedom of expression, speech, and opinion.
  • government rights.
  • councils accountability.
  • Education is a right.
  • Right to Create Unions and Associations.

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  • Regular and fair elections should be held.
  • Votes should be of equal value; One vote, one value.
  • Minorities interests ought to be taken into account.
  • The electorate should engage in vigorous participation.
  • Every citizen should be able to cast a ballot.

What are the essential features of democratic government class 6?
Two essential features of a democratic government are:

  • Democracy is a form of popular rule in which the populace actively participates in establishing the laws that govern them.
  • People have the power to choose their representatives, who meet and decide on behalf of the entire populace, in a democracy.

What is the key feature of democracy Class 7?
There is no discrimination against people based on their race, caste, gender, sexual orientation, class, or religion in democracies, which are based on the idea that every person has one vote, one value, and is entitled to basic rights.
What is democracy Class 9?
Democracy is a system of government in which citizens have the power to elect their representatives, who then work together to form a government to run the nation.
What is democracy short answer?
Democracy is a form of government in which laws, policies, decisions about who leads the country, and major initiatives are made directly or indirectly by the people, who are generally understood to be all (or nearly all) adults citizens.
What are the four features of government?
Features/Characteristics Of Government

  • Power: The government can influence the people and carry out its policies thanks to power.
  • Law: This term refers to the set of guidelines that govern how people should behave.
  • Revenue: In order to implement its policies, the government must raise money.

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What are the demerits of democracy State any 3?

Some demerits of democracy are:

  • With a new leader comes instability.
  • Politics is all about power struggles and rivalries.
  • In a democracy, consultation with many people causes delays.
  • Unwise decisions are made by elected officials when they are unaware of what is best for the people.

What is a good democracy Class 10?

Democracy is deemed to be good when there is strong economic growth and a high standard of living. In a good democracy, citizens and political parties should have the freedom to choose the government. Elections should be free of money and muscle power.

What are the 3 features of democracy?

What are the Key Features of Democracy?

  • adherence to fundamental human rights,
  • Political tolerance combined with a multiparty system,
  • democratic voting procedures,
  • the respect for the law,
  • democratic administration, and.
  • Participation of citizens.

What are the three features of democracy explain?

Democracies guarantee equality in all spheres of life, including politics, society, and the economy. They also uphold fundamental individual rights and liberties, like the right to free speech and the freedom of the press.

What is the importance of democracy Class 9?

Democracy provides equal rights for citizens regardless of caste, religion, or sex; it explains how to keep law and order; it helps citizens choose the leaders who will run their government; it raises the standard of decision-making; and it increases citizens sense of dignity.

What is the main features of democracy Class 9?

Democracies have the following characteristics: (1) Elected representatives of the people rule and have the authority to make final decisions; (2) Elections are held in a free and fair environment; (3) Adult franchise is offered and every vote has equal weight; (4) Fundamental Rights and freedom of the people are protected.

What are the main features of government?


  • the ability to enact laws and regulations.
  • the ability to defend the nation.
  • ability to levy taxes.
  • the ability to create jobs
  • control over the amount of money that should be in circulation.
  • the ability to spend money on public services and goods like security, healthcare, and education.

What are the main characteristics of democracy?

He defines democracy as a form of government that consists of four essential components: (1) a process for electing and removing the government through free and fair elections; (2) active citizen participation in politics and civic life; (3) protection of all citizens human rights; and (4) the rule of law.

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